Tips On When To Change Car Seats

Knowing when your car seats need to be changed is pretty hard to figure out.

It can be a difficult decision to make. Child car safety rules and requirements keep altering and the law does not always recommend you to keep up with the latest innovations.  The struggle is real for parents out there as they need to know when they need to switch from an infant bucket seat to a rear facing car seat.

Furthermore, they need to know when they have to switch yet again to a forward facing car seat or get their hands on a combo car child seat. It is tough and it is indisputable that keeping a check on your child’s weight and height is one of the most important factors to know when you have to switch the car seat.

However, here are some quick tips which will help you in knowing when to change your car seats! For all the new parents out there; don’t freak out! We have got you covered. Just scroll down and get handful of easy tips. Don’t just rush into changing your seat from one to another; hold on, relax and read on.


Rear Facing Car Seat

A rear facing seat can be easily used until you kid turns 2. As you child grows up, you would

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Rear Facing Car Seat

probably need to buy a bigger and a convertible rear facing seat. This is important to change because it is suitable for larger kids. When your child outweighs the weight that is required for a rear facing car seat, you need to switch to a forward facing convertible car seat. It is very important to let your kid stay in a rear facing car seat for as long as possible. Why? This is because if you get into a front facing accident, the rear facing seat doesn’t let your child’s neck, spine and head move unevenly. They all tend to move collectively in the right manner.


Forward Facing Car Seat

When you opt for a forward facing car seat, make sure that it is with a 5 point harness and it also has a top tether. You can easily use this car seat until your kid outweighs it. Sometimes the child’s weight gets more but the height is suitable for the seat. You can just replace the lower attachments with a seat belt to be used with the top tether and you can use the seat until your baby’s height fits in.

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forward facing car seat

Booster Seat

When your child does not fit in the forward facing seat, you need to switch again. This time, you need a booster seat for your kiddo. You need to see the weight and height that is required for a booster seat. The pressure of getting your seat changed is huge but you need to understand when it is important or crucial. Don’t put them into a booster seat too soon. If you do so, they will be able to move out from it way too easily which puts their safety at risk.

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booster seat


Make The Right Choice When You Change Car Seats…

So now you know, when you need to change your child’s safety car seat. Don’t rush into jumping from one car seat to another. Just relax, weight them and make sure that you see the height too. Know and understand when it is important to switch or change car seats and then do so.

To save you the trouble of always changing your car seat…

We strongly suggest that you buy a car seat that will be flexible enough to be used by your child as they grow.  A car seat that will lessen your burden of checking if your child has reached the height or weight limit of your car seat.  Click on the link below to read our review of the Best Convertible Car Seat:

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