How To Choose A Car Seat For A 1 Year Old

Car Seat For 1 Year Old and Up

Car seat for your 1 year old baby, which is referred to as child safety seat is one of the most important and best ways to protect your children while you travel. In the United States, it is important or rather demanded/required that a car child safety seat must be present in the car if you are traveling with a 1 year old baby. Sudden accidents, causing injuries and even deaths, is the primary reason why a lot of states have made it compulsory for cars to convert their seat for their 1 year old child and keep them safe.

Child safety seats have significantly helped in reducing fatal injuries for little babies. But as a parent, it is important that you must know all about car safety seats before you get it installed in your car. You also need to understand its basics so that you can use the car seat correctly.

There are a lot of incidents in which the car seat is not utilized properly, perhaps due to lack of product knowledge or proper training. But most often than not, the problem lies in selecting and buying the best car seat for your baby.

Here are some quick guidelines that will help you in picking up the best car seat for your 1 year old child:

Appropriate Car Seat Capacity

Know your child’s weight and length (height). Based on clinical studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 year old babies in the United States have an average weight of 19 pounds 10 ounces for girls and 21 pounds 3 ounces for boys. In length (or height), the girls have an average of 29 inches (74 cm) and 29 and ¾ inches (75.7 cm) for boys.

Car seats are designed for a specific weight and length range of children. It is therefore wise to make sure that your child’s weight and length meets the capacity of the car seat you are eyeing for. Try looking for a car seat that has the widest range in occupant length and weight, like a convertible car rated convertible car seat

Safest Car Seat Available

Safety is the top priority. The car seat that you should pick for your 1 year old child should meet or exceed safety standards. Always look for safety standard markings such as the U.S. Standard Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) sign.

Do not ever overlook checking the safety features of  a car seat and the safety standards it complies. No amount of budget savings is worth it when the safety of your child is at stake.

Top Class Car Seat Quality

Excellent Quality. Without going to quality and manufacturing jargons, it is always a safe bet to

Car seat guaranteed

choose a car seat from known brands. Say, Graco Car Seats. They have developed their reputation through the years and have their brand to protect. You can expect that they will not be associated with poor-quality products.

Most Comfortable Car Seat Available

Superb comfort. Having your baby enjoy the comfort of a car seat is a joy. It will not only provide your baby the needed rest, it will also save the parent/driver the hassle and stress of pacifying an irate baby because of a stiff or uncomfortable seat. As a parent, you know what I mean.

Second Hand Car Seat Reminders

Hand me downs? A lot of people opt for used car seats. You may have your own reason why, but always remember that it is quite a gamble and should be extra cautious.

First, make sure that all components are complete, the car seat was not involved in an accident and the car seat should not be older than 5 years. Please note that plastics deteriorate over time. It becomes brittle and may not serve it’s purpose of protecting your child when you get into an accident.

We may save money when buying second hand car seats, but as much as possible, buy your child a new one. Your baby deserves it.

Rear And Front Facing Car Seat

Use the car seat as long as possible. As much as we want to splurge for our babies, parents should be practical as well. You would want to buy a car seat that you can use as your child grows. With that in mind, your best option is to buy a convertible car seat. It has the ability to switch from rear facing to front facing. You will truly get your money’s worth with the length of time your child used the car seat.

rear and front facing car seat

rear and front facing car seat

What Is The Car Seat For My 1 Year Old?

Having a car seat is beyond securing your 1 year old and up child and keeping them safe while travelling. It is about spending time with your kiddos wherever you travel to make countless memories that your family will truly cherish.

So go ahead and invest in a car seat as soon as you have a baby in the family. Just make sure to take note of the following:

  • Appropriate Capacity
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Flexibility

By looking at the pointers I have presented above, you will not go wrong in choosing a convertible car seat.

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