These Are The Best Rated Infant Car Seats You Should Consider Buying

So you have decided to buy a car seat for your baby but you don’t know the right choice to make out of the numerous brands on the market? There is no need to go crazy trying to buy some good infant car seats; this article will point out best rated infant car seats that you can buy.

Just like you, there are myriads of other parents who are looking to buy a newborn baby seat, at some point in their lives. Without solid research, most parents didn’t get lucky and they chose the wrong infant car seats for their babies. Just so you don’t get a slice of the frustration pie, we have compiled a list of some good infant car seats that you should consider buying.

Best Three Rated Infant Car Seats

1.     Britax B-Safe 35:

If you are looking for a newborn baby seat that feels like a personal bunker for your baby, the Britax B-Safe 35 is the right choice to make. This amazing infant car seat sports three major safety features:

  • A frame made of steel
  • An impact-absorbing base that is capable of absorbing crash energy by using compressible cells.
  • A side-impact-protecting shell that protects your baby from being injured in case of an accident

The Britax B-safe 35 uses either seat belt lock-offs or LATCH connectors to ensure proper fitting and positioning of the seat in the car. This infant car seat is suitable for babies that weigh 4-35 lbs and 32-inches tall. The car seat weighs 10lbs (without its base)


  1. Cybex Aton Q

This infant car seat is one of the best out there and so many parents are picking this over so many others; this is because of the numerous brilliant features it packs. The most amazing of these innovative features it brings to table is the Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. system).

The L.S.P. system are two braces (one on each side) that slides out of the seat; it is secured against the car door and designed to absorb crash force of a side-impact collision.

This isn’t the only amazing thing about the Cybex Aton Q – this newborn baby seat also comes with an energy-absorbing shell and a long-leg base that stretches to the car floor (you won’t find this feature in a lot of newborn baby seats).

This is for children with Weight Limit: 4-35lbs and up to 30-inches tall. Cybex Aton Q weighs 11.6 lbs (without base)


  1. Chicco Keyfit 30

If you are looking to buy a remarkable infant car seat and at the same time save some money, this is the car seat you want to buy. The Chicco Keyfit 30 has been favored by many consumers (as stated by Reportsraing) because it brings so many goodies to the table, while it sells at a pocket-friendly rate.

Not only does the Chicco Keyfit 30 comes armed with a “SuperCinch LATCH tightner” base that helps keep your baby safe with a single pull, but it has a leveling foot that can be easily adjusted and a bubble indicator to ensure proper positioning.

If you have a small car, this seat is just perfect for you – it is 16.6 inches wide. Aside from this, the seat is so light that you can easily travel with it at any time. Chicco Keyfit 30 comes with a removable newborn support, and it clicks in and out of Chicco strollers.

Suitable for babies that weigh 4-30lbs and are up to 30 inches tall; seat itself weighs 7lbs (without base).


Final Thoughts On These Good Infant Car Seats

There you have it. These are the best rated infant car seats you can find on the market. Although there are many others, but these selected ones have been used and verified by so many happy parents.  Why not join the happy parents’ bandwagon today? For sure, anything you choose from this list will definitely be a winner.

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